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In this always developing world and the increase of technology in our life.  It is much of fact that social media is now highly integrated and rooted in our lives. Your presence on social media doesn’t only make you reach out to a specific area but it makes you a global. Every person, brand and company want to have a lasting impact on social media but some common social media mistakes make your budget go waste.

      Social media can get highly complicated and complex if you aren’t well aware and trained in how it works. Apart from some major rules that social media works on, there are some these small codes that one must follow for better business online.

      With so many people and brands on social media who are pumping out fresh content almost daily, it kind of gets difficult to outshine and create something that will attract more viewers. To top that all social media algorithms are volatile and changing. When we are not keeping yourself updated with change, the social media mistakes can lead your brand to disaster.

    With these changing scenarios, business ( and people)  are bound to make mistakes and fall behind in the race of social media.

1) Not knowing the perks of social media

Many times business don’t know that a large part of their customers is present on social media. One of the easiest and affordable ways to get in touch with the customer is via social media. The newspapers, billboards, and television can go up to a certain limit. With social media, you are present across the globe. It is the most influential platform available to the world. There are so many benefits a brand can take advantage of at zero cost and manage to reach out to maximum customers.

Solution: You can study and understand how social media has changed the market world and start out small with the social media journey and grow each day at a time


2) Lack of proper planning

One of the major mistakes is an improper and unplanned social media content. Prior strategy and planning are vital before putting out anything on social media. Without it, the business fails to create a lasting impact which can go a long way. Planning and strategy help in creating a solid structure and road map which guides further activity. Designing the campaign, what social media platform to be used,

What to post when and how to build the content are a few questions that help the business on the digital platform.

Solution: You should at least plan a months social media strategy. For doing so you can learn and understand what type of strategy does your business need. You can appoint professionals for the job and execute with them. A little bit of planning can go a long way. You can use scheduling apps for social media, which will help you manage social media better-

Not Enough Content

   The entire base of Social media is dependent upon one word- CONTENT.

Your business can stand apart and create a brand of itself is through meaningful content. What you put out will attract the customer. More the content better the brand building. A business needs right kind of and relevant content to attract maximum customers. You can check content regarding product description for your social media here  

It is said that Content is the king. When a business posts less content, the bridge between the consumer and the business collapses. Content is primary and most important while building the brand.

Solution: Always post various forms of content. Be it attractive images, videos, stories or as simple as engagement with the audience via comments. In today’s growing world, people can get easily bored, to avoid so keep updating the page, profile photos and always introduce something new to the consumer.

4) Not Being Consistent

Have you ever visited a page and realized that they have not posted anything in quite some time? How do you feel? It seems as the business is not interested and isn’t consistent with their work. This is definitely a signal which no business wants to give out to its consumer. Lack of consistency also creates a break in the awareness and outreach of the product. This may lead to consumer’s distraction and he might look out for other business which may satisfy his needs better.

Solution- It is highly suggested to create a posting routine for your page. You can have posts ready and upload at least one every day. You can use websites/apps that can help you plan your content efficiently and post accordingly. If the content is the king then consistency is the key!

5) Not targeting right audience (not knowing your audience)

A business should always know who its consumer is, what age group he/she belongs to and what are the requirements. If you sell baby products, your target audience will be new parents, in such a case, there is no point if you showcase your product to a teenager or a college goer. Many times business fail to segregate their consumer and eventually do not end up making them as their audience.

          It is as simple as this- If you don’t show your work to the people who need it, how will they know what you make and how it can match their demands. Hence, targeting the right and relevant audience helps the growth of the business.

Solution: Understand your audience, their needs. Conduct surveys and apply filters to your research. Create content that attracts your audience. Use tools which will help you enhance your reach and generate business for you.  

6) Distance from real-time trends is the top social media mistakes

Business often makes social media mistakes, repeating the same old content that had worked. They forget that digital dynamics are always changing, especially more when it comes to social media. An old strategy, pattern or way which worked earlier, might not work again. The consumer always wants something new. And in this fast-changing world, newness helps to garner more business. Lack of touch with the latest ongoing news and trends leads to disinterest in your follower base to follow you. This example of social media mistakes is largely done by small-medium businesses who just focus on sales than engagement.

Solution: Always adopt new methods. Look for trends that are running currently. Use a variety of content to keep the viewer engaged. You can look for ideas from various pages, but remember not to copy but get a glimpse.

7) Copying content lowers your search score

Though there are many creators creating brands out of business and there are even more consumers. Every business requires a different. One of the social media mistakes that business often do is that they copy social media strategy of a business whose profile famous and outreach is more. But, one needs to know what works for someone might not be working for you. The soul of each business is different and so is the social media strategy.

Solution: Study and understand what works for you the best. Know your market and the demands in it. Your business vision will help you create a strategy that will be unique and work for you perfectly well.

8) Lack of Monitoring User Behavior

Never forget to analyze the content

      After following all the points a business does a basic yet vital mistake which is of not checking its standing or its progress. What’s the use of all the efforts taken if it does not keep a watch on how it’s working for you? And if it’s not working for the business, how is it going to rectify and improve? It’s essential to keep reinventing the work for maximum benefits.


Every social media platform has an analytic tool, which helps to understand how each post is working, is it creating the impact that was aimed? Is it reaching maximum people? This pretty much solves the doubts and aids in better outreach hence leading to brand creation.

This is how you can check your analytics

9) Who likes pixelated images? HD is always loved

  Many times seller end up uploading low quality, unattractive images which lead to a loss in the number of customers. While choosing any photo one must always introspect that- ‘if I was the customer would I get attracted towards this image of the product?’

One of the major flip sides is sellers using dull and boring backgrounds which is a common social media mistakes! A product no matter how good will fail to impact the audience due to its bad background.

Here is an example of how an image can change the outlook of a product!

      Its okay if you don’t have access to a professional photographer or a great camera. You can still click amazing photos for your business.

Here is a checklist which you can use next time you want are about to click some snaps!

  • Lighting- Check if it is appropriate and it doesn’t dull the product while clicking the picture.
  • Background- Use solid colors and fresh even out material as a background
  • Autofocus-  Is the autofocus turned on?
  • The object in the Image- There should be nothing more than your product of target in the frame of the picture
  • Appealing- The photos should appealing, unique and attractive.

10) The review is crucial: Builds Credibility and Trust

Would you as a consumer buy anything from a stranger or use his services without prior information or review of his product? The answer is a no. So when people are looking at a company ’s products they need to have an idea, description and most importantly a review of your product!

Posting reviews will help customers have a good insight into your product. It will be easier for them to understand the benefits of your product and buy accordingly. A product review also means that you are honest with your customer which leads to the creation of a strong trust by the customer.

While writing the review, be sure that it is 100% honest with the content you are posting. Genuinity attracts more customer than false claims!

Here are simple tips on how to write a review-

  1. Be crisp clear with the introduction

  2. Be balanced and honest about whatever you write, going overboard spoils the game.

  3. Compare things about what you like and why it stands out helps the product reach maximum people.

  4. Describe it well, so people know what they are getting and it can be helpful while using too.

  5. Have a good conclusion and end the review on a high note.

11) Lack of Interaction with customers: Promptness is essential

Communication with customers is necessary and important to build a lifelong relationship with the customer. Addressing customer’s need and managing the demands on time will help grow the bond the customer shared with the company.

Replying to comments that people post on the feed is a very good way to build a nice rapport. Comments are also an effective medium to receive immediate reviews of the product/service the business is selling.

One prominent social media mistakes that business does in communication is of not replying to the comments promptly. This leads to customer losing the interest and finding another option for your product. Late revert is customer gone.

12) Hello, Spammer!

 A saying goes- A spam is looking much more like a virus.

A customer runs in the opposite direction if he is spammed again and again. The business ’s urge to send advertisements, offers and deals are high… But one cant bombards the customer’s inbox with emails continuously. It is not only unprofessional but seems immensely clingy. This act degrades the business’s goodwill in the eyes of the customer and can be detrimental for the growth.

Mark these social media mistakes and avoid them as much as possible! For a better and long lasting growth of your brand in the market and in the lives of the ultimate customer!

And if you have already made the social media mistakes, don’t worry you can always improve on it with following the points mentioned.


Sanika Deshpande
Sanika Deshpande

Sanika is an Entrepreneur & Marketer by Profession. She has worked with various startups companies and passionate about helping artisans, resellers and homentrepreneurs to grow manage and scale their business.

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