Social Media has become an integral part of the daily lives of millions of users.

Honestly, social media is the place where everyone is, where everyone’s attention is at and where everyone’s business is. Today everyone is on social media, around 4 billion people use social media today. To be precise, social media today is like a market where there are various buyers and sellers.

It is an ideal and must for business to be present on social media today. And not being on social media, will make you miss out on many benefits it has to offer.


Let’s have a look at why your business should be on Social media and how it will profit you.

What are the basics that a business need?

  • The most important aspect that business needs and survives on is the AUDIENCE!

  • The next thing that a business needs are a flow of customers and their retention

  • One of the lesser paid attention to the factor which is required by a business is of the strong communication circuit between the business and its customer.

Where will you get all these and more? Social media will always be the answer.


Here’s how it can help you in more than one aspect of your business… Be it-

-Gaining more customers

-Connecting to new and old customers

-Efficient and inexpensive Marketing

-Targeting the relevant audience more than once


-Creating presence and identity in the whole world

Let’s dive in deep in the world os Social media, which will tell you the in-depth benefits which long last!


1) Social Media is freaking INEXPENSIVE! And the ROI is the dream number.

If I told you, that you will get effective marketing strategy that reaches to a large number of people, right audience, gives amazing ROI and loyal customer, everything in super low price, would you believe me? Probably not.

         But… Social media does the above for you and the returns are long-lasting. You can start your social media journey with ZERO COST. Here’s how-

         You can open up your social media account, FREE of cost. Once you are on the network, you can post content without any barrier or boundary. In social media, there is a term called Organic reach. Organic reach is something which doesn’t require you to pay anything, but by using great consistent content, techniques, planning, and strategy helps to reach to a large number of people. The return that you receive via such promotion is magnificent.

2. Social media helps to bring Traffic to your Social Store

Ever wondered how your website/ social store reach people out there when there is already a huge pool of sits floating on the internet? How you can drive the consumer to your website and allow them to explore what you have to offer?

It’s definitely not easy to bring your audience to your world wide web! Who better can help you than Social media, yet again!

Maybe You want to gain more customers or maybe you want to showcase your work, social media is that door which takes your customer through his mundane life to your website!


         A business needs to generate awareness about its site and products amongst people if there is no awareness of how will anyone know you and shop from you?

Your Social media page helps in doing exactly that with effectiveness and enormous results.

         Your content speaks about you. All you need is to promote your website content/products and services on social media and lead the viewer to the website for more information.    

       Still wondering how to start with your social media for business? Read this.

3. Social media creates awareness and keeps you in the consumer’s domain-

Be where your customer is, and in the current scenarios your customer is on social media for many more years to come.

         Social media is a source which enlightens your prospective customer about your business. There are many businesses with a similar product that you offer, in such case you can’t afford to lose the track and be left behind in the competition. Social media puts you much ahead in the race as it keeps you in the eye of the public wherein you are easily accessible.

         Remember the point earlier in the blog, where we were discussing audience for business?

        With the content that you generate and social media strategy that you use, creates awareness about you and your brand. It is like humanizing your business for people, where they understand what you are and what you do. It’s essential to let your customer know your story and show them what you can do and social media helps you best in this.

4. Connection and Relation building is aided by Social media-

Social media is much more than just a platform, it helps you connect with people across the globe. Social media is your one-stop solution to reach out to every corner of the world.

           Unlike any other type of media or marketing, which is generally one way. Social media is a two-way street wherein your consumer can easily reach out to you via messages, comments, and DMs. Social media being active network notifies you and you can revert back to all the comments and messages immediately. That’s the beauty of Social media, it never leaves a communication gap and solves every problem by talking. This not only connects, solves his issues the consumer to brand but also creates a strong trust for the brand in the minds of customers.

           Building relationships and connecting to your customer will help you a really long way, remember it is your customer who puts life into the business and doing this will add more days to your business. Don’t hesitate and start your social media journey today and see your business grow larger and stronger one day at a time!    

5. Target advertising and retargeting the right consumer

Ever wondered who are the people who are actually interested in your product? When you are marketing your product via any other source, its difficult to target the people who are specifically for your product. Like when your product is meant for students and you market it via new paper, it doesn’t target the specific students but everyone who buys the newspaper. This affair is expensive, does not target the right audience and does not give you the desired returns. To be always present in the customer and keep them engaged in your product, the old way of marketing doesn’t quite work.   

         Opposite of this is social media, with your market segmentation you can reach your exact audience and be in their view for a long time.

         A business doesn’t become successful after one or few sales. It becomes successful by continuous sales. For a business to grow revenue with direct sales of the product is the backbone. To make your business successful, you have to re-target your customers. You can retain your consumer by retargeting, this option is given to you by none other than- Social Media.

         Let’s go back to our 1st example again- A person sees your ad in the newspaper, he is interested but later forgets to take action. In this way, you lose a customer, but in social media you can re-target the ones who have shown interest in your product, leading to customer gain and profits.

6. Social media gives you an exact analysis of the marketing technique you have used.

Social media is the only marketing tool which gives you an exact detail and data of the impact your marketing/page has created and reached to people. It gives you a clear view of the performance and the returns of your investment. By all this, you get to know where you stand and what your next action should be. All this at low costs and much more returns!

        Some social media platform do provide with their own analytic tools, but for deeper ones which are more detailed, Here is a list of tools which will guide and assist you with social media analysis.

  1. Sproutsocial

  2. Follower

  3. Google Analytics

  4. Keyhole

  5. Brand24

So now that you know why you should be on social media, don’t wait to open your very own account. The world is your stage, show them got you got!

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