How to Sell On Instagram Business


In the ever-growing world and decreasing attention span of us humans, one app that has hooked and booked everyone’s eyeballs is Instagram and for sellers Instagram Business. In September 2017 Instagram had reached 1 billion active users monthly! This app has created remarkable changes in the lives of people since the year 2010. With growing usage, more people have started using this beloved social media as an Instagram Business.

The high traffic on Instagram and the ease to use has made it one of the top apps for marketing and promoting any business and ideas. Many people today have Instagram business as their primary careers. To make your profile reach maximum viewers and gain more followers is somewhat tricky. Here, we are providing you with eight easy steps so that your profile tackles every obstacle and obtains paramount views!


1. High-quality images grab eyeballs on a larger scale-

retain viewers by using colorful images of products

Instagram is all about visual appearance. A good, aesthetic and appealing picture will get you more likes and followers. People get influenced by such photos leading to better profits when it comes to increasing the sell. A person would instead buy from a profile which creates photos that are attractive rather than a profile with ordinary photos.

2. Convert Instagram account into Instagram business-


An Instagram business account is highly beneficial. In such profiles, extra benefits are available, unlike a personal Instagram account. We receive benefits like promotions, visibility increases, access to Instagram ads. You can use Instagram analytics to understand how the profile is working and what changes you can do in approach. Check out this blog which tells you how Instagram helps!

3. The hashtag is the key for organic reach-

Organic way to sell on instagram through hashtag

Indeed hashtags are game changers. The more appropriate hashtags you use, the better the content reaches to more people. So, how do hashtags work? When you add the hashtag in your post, people looking for the same hashtag are lead towards you. It is a wonderful tool to reach out to maximum people out there.

4. Get your product endorsed by Insta Influencers-

A new way has entered the market. Wherein brands approach Influencers, who have exceptional followers and have a high amount of views on Instagram. Influencers are the way for brands to advertise their product to masses and bring in more consumers. It is a fantastic way to reach out to many potential customers via Instagram. Find out here the guide to collaborating with influencers.

5. Buy Instagram Ads to increase the reach-

Instagram business ads are a savior when it comes to selling products on the app. Once you have created your Business account, it gives you an option of various tools like ads.

As the algorithms are always changing, your post might or might not reach the targeted viewer. These ads help in promoting your desired post. It’s up to you how much time do you want the post to be advertised. These ads assist in reaching out to a more potential consumer.

6. Use stories and other features-

Instagram not only creates posts but also has features that help in increasing sales. Instagram stories are one of the prominent ways that act as a window to your work. Creating stories which are engaging and exciting helps in generating more curiosity in the minds of people and leads them to buy the product.

7. Create Instagram business Videos to narrate product/brand stories.


The Instagram business provides users with posting video content. Making a video that creates awareness of the product, making a video that shows how it is to be used, gives a fair idea to the viewer of the product or service. By having a good idea about the product converts the viewer into a customer.

8.  Discount and coupon codes help to acquire customers faster-

What are you providing your followers? What special treatment are you giving your dedicated followers? Occasionally provide discount codes and coupons, they motivate the user to be more engaged with you. It creates more view which helps in maximizing your sell. This not only creates more followers but increase awareness and sell of the product.

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