Warning : You are losing money if not using Instagram

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Who doesn’t want huge sales with less marketing spend through Instagram ?

If you are looking for a way, Instagram is the best bet to increase inquiries and sales

A picture is worth a thousand words! Esp on Instagram World! Photo capture is the most effective way to share tales of your products! As being human, who doesn’t like stories. We always thrive for exciting stories which match our interests. May it be about babies, pets, love story or even simple things like dresses. And Instagram is the best medium to share such!

It is easier to capture the attention of users using this strategy. And that’s why Content is King. Yet, we need to know to optimize the content on Instagram to get organic reach. This helps us to achieve the desired results in form of comments. Comments help to push the boost of your post automatically. Here is a quick guideline to get more inquiries in Your Instagram Handle.

Step 1: Market Your Products through Attractive Photos

Capture good high-resolution photos of your lifestyle products.

May it be soaps, dresses, mobile cover, shoes, badges etc. The photo should focus on the look and feel instead of the background. Ideally, plain background contrasting the look of products pulls grabs attention quickly. The trick lies in using a plain colorful background which makes your product stand out. This makes the user, curious about your product!

Step 2: Create Story about Your Business

Every reader likes interesting stories ! So what does storytelling have to do with your business? The answer is Everything! If you can’t properly convey a story then your products are not going to appeal to your audience. May it be about your customers, unique feature of your products. Or even about how customers love your products ! The trick lies in including the right combination of Curiosity, Customer & Conversation. This trick is a way to make your story go viral.

Step 3: Hashtags matter on Instagram

Every platform has its Speciality! Instagram is all about Hashtag. Hashtags can help you find relevant users; reach out to people with similar interests. Instagram has also come up with an option to follow Hashtag as per your interest and likes. Mapping the right set of the hashtag as per your product category, color, size, shape, product name, specialty will help to gain follower base.

Step 4: Create Contest to Engage

Instagram is an excellent platform for the online contest. A contest is a great opportunity to introduce new products or promotional schemes. An excellent takeaway for your prospects can definitely create huge interest. Discounts, early-bird offers are few ways to propose a good deal for engagement.

Timings are as crucial as posts. Post office hours on Monday, Wednesday or Friday could fetch more views as. Instagram is so powerful that in a minute through your contest you can grab millions of views.

Sanika Deshpande
Sanika Deshpande

Sanika is an Entrepreneur & Marketer by Profession. She has worked with various startups companies and passionate about helping artisans, resellers and homentrepreneurs to grow manage and scale their business.

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