How can you get customer’s attention ?

This is one of the biggest challenges which every business, brands or marketers have. How can I get and keep my customer’s attention?

Simple questions like How, What and Where will always lead every business owners in finding solution.

After you’ve lost your customer’s attention, getting it back can be to do. It’s easier not to get into such a bind in the first place.

Catching and retaining your customer’s attention is a big challenge for every business. First of all, it’s not easier to grab attention in the cluttered world. To get and keep the eyeballs of your customers is an important task for every business owner.

First question: What do my customers want?

Does it match with what I provide or sell?

Understand your customers – It is crucial to know what are the interest, likes and behavioral patterns of your customers. You may find it interesting that a small study helps to alleviate the confusion about what do customers really like? One of the ways can be to listen and interact with them.

Pitch the Benefits – Translate what you have to say into benefits to the customer. People will seldom ignore what you are saying if they believe there is something in it for them. Remember people are always tuned to – What’s In It For Me?

Second question: How can I catch and retain their attention?

Story TellingNarrative about your product/brand or even business is the oldest and most compelling method of grabbing and holding someone’s attention; everybody loves stories. Always look for ways to convey your information in narrative form

Be Unique – In simple words, Don’t Do What Everyone Else Is Doing. Think about your product, what makes it unique. Get into the nuts and bolts. For instance, don’t say “my leather purses are luxurious, stylish, and affordable.” Dig deeper – “my purses are built of high-quality leather material not found in other purses.”

Leave a positive mark – Customers tend to always remember only two things: Positive or Negative experience. Well, humans tend to remember the negatives one more often. But when you create extraordinary buying experience; they will become your brand ambassadors and promote your products.

Third question: Where can I find customers or where are they?

Many times, business owners expect the customers to come to them directly. But the biggest question is “ Do they know you ?” The simple common phrase is “Popularity” How popular are you? Find more where they are 

The simple solution can be: Be present where your customers are. May it be on social media platform, online world or specific location like mall/theatres etc. All we need is catch and retain their attention. One of the ways can talk to existing new customers and ask them ‘How did they come to know your shop/brand/product’? There are a lot of channels to tap the new set of buyers at an efficient price.

And the end, customers always say “ Catch me if you can and want to “


Sanika Deshpande
Sanika Deshpande

Sanika is an Entrepreneur & Marketer by Profession. She has worked with various startups companies and passionate about helping artisans, resellers and homentrepreneurs to grow manage and scale their business.

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