WhatsApp Business Features that you must know

Our favorite messaging company Whats app launched a special app Whatsapp Business for small business owners. It got released in January 2018.

The Whatsapp Business app is fast, safe, and convenient for businesses in the world of selling. It aims to help businesses to reach their customers across the globe. Research has shown that around 80% of small businesses in India used WhatsApp to promote their business. It was the most preferred app to connect and communicate with their customer among other social media to sell products. Check out other free platforms to grow your business

The first step for any seller for setting up Whatsapp Business account is to download Whatsapp Business app from Playstore and sign up. Many times, sellers confuse Whatsapp with WhatsApp Business. They are separate apps, and users need to download individually. The business app has the unique features to promote, connect and communicate with their customers quickly.
The few features will be available after the seller downloads and signs up

1)  Business Profile is the face of your business

Under Profile, the sellers can upload their brand logo and insert the business address.
The Business Category can be selected from the drop-down menu
Under that description can be added e.g. Uniqueness about your products or even product variety. Right description is the best pitch which every business owner gives to sell their products. In the end, sales are the important aspect for any business to grow. You can check out best product description tricks to convert every ping by the user into an inquiry.
The Timing of Your Business needs to be inserted for the customers to get in touch with you. Email Address and website are the other best options for customers to contact you. It is also useful for customers to check your products, reviews and for the development of trust.

2) The Second Best Feature is Messaging Tools



These messaging tools help you as businesses stay connected with your customer. These are useful features which help sellers not to leave any customer without any reply.

  1. Away Message – This is a significant feature from the sales perspective. This feature helps sellers to not lose their sale. It allows sending customized ‘away messages’ when they are busy. Or even when not available on WhatsApp business.
  2. Quick Replies – This feature is useful to send the quick standard message about your business products. Or, it is helpful to answer FAQs quickly and efficiently. It helps to reduce the tedious double work.
  3. Greeting Message – This feature assists the business in setting up a virtual reception desk. Sellers can use this feature to introduce your products to their customers.

3) Create Customized Label

WhatsApp Business has introduced new chat labels feature in its Business app. It helps you to sort the tons of chat windows for convenience purpose. The default chat labels include – the new customer, new order, pending payment, paid and order complete.
The sellers can customize the label including name, color and add new ones as per your product type.

4) Short Link

Easy for customers to message your business. It can be used on the website, in emails and also in your business post on social media. Short Link consists of a value feature where sellers can set a customized default message. This message will be shared with customers when the business link is sent. The short link feature is useful to quickly share and end receivers can easily click on it.

You can also add a customized default message when you share the link with your customers. This helps you to save your time and energy where you won’t have to type the message before sharing the link.

5) WhatsApp Web

Whatsapp web helps you to chat with your customers using with your desktop browser.  During working hours it is difficult to continuously check the mobile. But as being business owners, we never want to miss the sale. Just open your browser and type On the left side, you will find the QR code automatically generated.  Open the WhatsApp Business app, tap on three dots on the top right and click on WhatsApp Web.  You will have to scan the QR Code on the screen and the chats window will open on the laptop browser after authentication is complete. It’s all automated.

In Short,

WhatsApp Business is the best free app which any business owner can use to efficiently connect with customers. The features have thoughtfully been crafted based on the research.

Every feature has a simple core benefit as mentioned on the blog of Whatsapp  is

  • Business Profile – Basically, it means increasing the visibility of your business.
  • Label – By using the feature of the label, categorize and organize your conversation
  • Quick Replies – Automate the messaging by working less but quick greeting to your customer
  • Shorten Link – Quick Link Sharing to spread and share information about your business


Soon, WhatsApp will also verify the business profiles, which will be represented by a green badge next to the contact name. As of now, WhatsApp business profile verification feature is not available for all businesses. Till then, you can use for increasing connection and interaction with your customers 🙂

Sanika Deshpande
Sanika Deshpande

Sanika is an Entrepreneur & Marketer by Profession. She has worked with various startups companies and passionate about helping artisans, resellers and homentrepreneurs to grow manage and scale their business.

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