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5 Steps to enable your business for social selling

Selling online through social media is a different ball-game as compared to having a shop in a bustling market around the city center. Both these ways of selling have their pros and cons. Online selling has to have more outreach to your customers through online platforms. You have to ‘declare’ and ‘announce’ yourselves time and again to stay afloat. But fortunately, the new variant ‘social selling’ is able to save you from the need to aggressively market while leveraging the means of online shopping. But it is important to set up your business the right way for social selling. We’ll now see the 5 essential steps to enable your business for social selling:

Step 1: Create your Name+Tagline+Logo

To start with, finalize your company name and a suitable tagline. A company name is usually a personal choice, but be sure to have the tagline match the category of products that your company would be selling. Additionally, a decent logo to go along with the company name helps a lot in creating a visual impression on your customers. Get the name, logo, and tagline prepared in the form of images from a professional graphics designer. These are going to be appearing all over your social media pages and product catalogs, photos, and packaging. That’s the boilerplate stuff. Do consider having some videos and write-ups – blogs, stories, emailers, to portray your product and company as having a theme, a brand!

Step 2: Create Your Social Media Presence

Pick an optimum number of social media platforms such that they will attract a large enough target group and target audience, while still letting you manage all of the sites and pages consistently.

The best ones to go for, as of today, are Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Business, and Twitter.

On each of these platforms, create a page/profile for your company/product with the company/product name and all the necessary company information, product description, profile pic etc. Once you have your social media account created, you should create your social media presence by maintaining and churning the content on those pages. You must regularly share photos and updates related to your products and also occasionally, some promotional offers and discounts to get more views and likes.

Step 3: Beautiful Captures of Your Products

Have nice pictures of products captured with a good camera. The photos should display the products in an appealing manner, showing all the features clearly. Good lighting and background is the key. The choice of camera is yours; DSLRs are quite popular for this application; but in fact, a high megapixel mobile camera can get the job done equally well – and you won’t necessarily need a professional photographer for this. Well, it all comes down to how you want to start and what’s your launch budget. Be sure to upload those on your social media accounts. A group photo showing all your products is a nice idea –  recommended option for a FB cover photo.

Step 4: Create Buying Options for Customers

Now, this is a key step in connecting your social shop with social shoppers (buyers). A good social presence and branding will do their job in reaching out to customers, but you need a ‘call to action’, as they say, to let customers initiate purchases in a seamless way. As a seller, you have to have a ‘’storefront” i.e. checkout and payment options set up on some reliable site. This must go as a link along with the product description on your social sites. As a result, your post becomes a “buyable link’’. The buyer need not move around on other sites to place an order – the link enables the buyer to buy your product right there! It is helping to make selling more personalized 

Step 5: Share Your Product Links

Once you have the social media pages and accounts set up with all the product description, photos and ‘buy’ links appended to it, you now have to do that one thing, which has to keep happening perpetually, to keep your business alive – share the links! Sharing links to the product pages on social media is the advertising and marketing of social shopping world. Keep your shares and updates spread across all social media platforms uniformly and also timed properly in terms of how frequently you do it. Invite your friends, acquaintances, and customers to like and share them too.

Social selling is all about building a social value for your products and this particular step is the key to it.

Sanika Deshpande
Sanika Deshpande

Sanika is an Entrepreneur & Marketer by Profession. She has worked with various startups companies and passionate about helping artisans, resellers and homentrepreneurs to grow manage and scale their business.

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