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Nowadays, we cannot think of a single product that you cannot sell on Instagram. Our lives are getting so fast-paced. As being a customer, we don’t have the time or the mood to go offline shopping every time! Although there was a stigma surrounding online shopping for the last 5 years or so, it is slowly melting as people realize and experience excellent customer service. However, due to a large amount as a commission charged by e-commerce platforms to sellers, a new trend has emerged on Facebook or Instagram where customers have started to buy
Today, we will be seeing 5 products that are bestsellers on Instagram:

Sarees and Dress Material

There are many sellers on Instagram selling different types of silk sarees such as Kanchipuram, Kota, Banarasi, Settu for wholesale prices. Many times, we feel like it’s better to buy any clothing material offline, but a lot of sellers provide COD option. Thus if you like the product, you can pay once the product reaches your doorstep. These days Facebook and Instagram stores have a much better collection and a more full range of items to choose from! So, people always prefer to give it a go if it isn’t too heavy on their wallet. Anything that doesn’t make a person overthink about the amount of money they’re spending is a great product to be sold on Instagram.

Phone Accessories

With the advancement in technology over the last decade, cell phones have become our “everything.” From social media, texting dating to watching movies online, cell phones are a necessity in almost everyone’s lifeThe phone accessories industry has been growing for years. Phone cases, grips, screen protectors, repair kits, chargers, and earphones as products have proven to be consistently popular. With low investment to buy inventory, you can add your margin as profit and sell it to the right set of young customers. College-going kids like to keep up with the latest fashion trend and phone accessory is one of the important products.
Lifestyle accessories have proven to be a product line with a reliable and growing demand on Instagram, with strong signals towards being an evergreen niche like fashion, home decor, and fitness.

Purses, Shoes, Watches & Jewelry

Any lifestyle accessory such as Purse, Bangles, Watches, Necklaces, Bracelet etc is the best bet to sell on Instagram. These accessories add style and color to women’s wardrobe. These are no longer just a necessity but is an expression of one’s when purchased online. Unique Design and Variety are two factors which can get you a lot of orders from any women. These products are ideally bought impulsively all the time. They are beautiful, light on the wallet and can quickly be lifted up. They are the best products to make any woman happy.


Lingerie is a daily requirement for everyone! Ever since you were a kid, you wear underwear, and you wear it till the time you die. Since it is a requirement and not a luxury buy, people don’t give it a lot of thought. They know their sizes, and they can see the stuff they like, even a more full range of collection! You can also get it customized! So, it is one of the most simple Products to sell on Facebook and Instagram.


Everyone gets hungry, and everyone wants to avail that limited hour offers on food! If I’m hungry and scrolling through my facebook and your ad pops up showing me a 10% discount coupon card, I would most definitely order; not just for me but for my whole department! Food is the easiest to sell on Facebook and Instagram as it is cheap, it makes you happy, and I don’t have to worry about getting takeaway now.

Health Products

Instagram is the shrine where people sell thousands of healthcare products such as vitamin pills, health shakes, protein shakes and the like to a huge following! People are getting more and more health conscious, and they wouldn’t mind splurging an occasional extra buck on something that will make their hair look shinier or their lashes longer. It is also justifiable to say that anything that will make your audience fit the latest fitness trend will sell as chocolates do on Halloween, on Instagram. Along with Instagram, you can check out other top social media platforms to sell your products.

You can quickly get going to sell through Instagram. There are a number of wholesalers or manufactures who supply material product across India. You can ping us to get to know few wholesalers, whom we know personally 🙂

Sanika Deshpande
Sanika Deshpande

Sanika is an Entrepreneur & Marketer by Profession. She has worked with various startups companies and passionate about helping artisans, resellers and homentrepreneurs to grow manage and scale their business.

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    Am a reseller.. Your suggestions for good selling pls,..

    1. Sanika Deshpande

      Hi Roopa, Thanks for your comment. We are coming up with a guidebook for ‘how to sell your products effectively’. Will share with you. You can subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated.

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