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It is an opportunity to share your knowledge and create positive value in society Excellent way to spread awareness about your products and business Participants can be your future customers or brand advocates to promote your business
Community Reachout
We run and are connected with multiple social groups on Facebook & WhatsApp, increasing the reach of your workshop. We have formed multiple communities and tied up with venues
Branding and Marketing Partners
We help to create awesome selling packages along with social media posting. We would love to share business knowledge with your participants ( esp those who want to start a business )
The Past Workshop

The Jewellery Making Workshop

Mrs. Dimpal Nemade, Founder of The Jewel business had organized a Jewellery Making in collaboration with Sellezely. The Session was unique. Dimpal shared various simple quick techniques of Jewellery Make. She demonstrated making of Oxide Jewellery, Silk Thread, and Tazzle. Participants were excited and amazed by the experience Dimpal shared with them. Ten Pune based Homentreprenurs artisans who wanted to start or run their jewelry business attended The Session offered an opportunity for exchange of techniques, styles of jewelry making and to provide styles and exposure to use a variety of sustainable materials.

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