5 Ways Social Media is making Online Shopping more Personal

Social media shopping is on rise

Social Media has been a boon in many ways and Personalized Online Shopping is one of it.

It has not only helped people connect and re-connect with each other; it is has opened vistas for businesses to make a mark and flourish quickly. Social media has not only helped companies to enhance and augment their businesses.  Online shopping has become one of the most preferred and convenient ways to pick your stuff in the fastest possible way. Social media has acted as a buffer to make online shopping more personal and create a sense of belonging amid shoppers.

Be it Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest you name any popular Social Media channel, customers are thriving by the day where business owners and SMEs are busy giving them an enhanced shopping experience…and why not? There isn’t hype without a reason! Here’s how Social Media has made online shopping a personal experience. But selling the right products on the right platform is extremely crucial. Find out the best products to sell 

1) Creating an enhanced shopping experience-

Business owners have become habituated to adapting to social media shopping trends. Due to the increase in adoption of social buying, it is having a huge positive impact on business sales. Customers had become independent decision-makers, and these business owners started customizing offers aligned with the preferences. This led to an improved, enhanced and an unbeatable online shopping experience. Nowhere a robotic experience; online shopping now had the right personal touch that made customers trust more, find a comfort zone and continue shopping.

2) Build your own network-

At present, online shopping experiences have opened a whole new dimension to the trend of recommending brands online. With a long list of friends and well-wishers on social media, people have the chance to recommend directly to their friends, and in-return get recommendations that can make or break their decisions of online shopping preferences. Good and bad experiences are no longer personal experiences alone; they have found a way to making an impact on brands online. Social Media has helped sellers to build a network, big followership with a big followership and help gain loyal customers.

3) Know your customer better-

The biggest advantage of social media is that you get the chance to be familiar with your online customers’ likes and dislikes and their peculiar preferences. As a business owner, the mind of the customer matters the most and is the window to knowing how exactly you can bring forth the best through customizing offers. This helps to save lot of time along with gaining a loyal customer.

4) Take advantage of Technology-

Things have moved on from a click of a mouse to a tap on the screen!  Online shopping via smart-phones has opened up new avenues for online shopping options and has reduced the traditional way of shopping. With such an easy access through daily gadgets, online shopping is here to stay. The rules of engaging the customers have changed from hard-selling to creating offers that are customized. This has led to a significant change in shopping habits by customers. The business owners are making the social shopping experiences more personal based on customer’s preferences, habits and interests.

5) Sharing Stories of Your Product

Much like building your own network through recommendations, stories in the forms of shopping experiences have made way into the consumer mindset. Story-telling has a unique place in human life and this is one thing that we anyone can immediately relate to. There is no discord between stories and human emotions. They are necessarily two sides of the same coin. Social media and online shopping reiterate the same fact and traditional story-telling has now altered itself to suit the technology and the e-customers. SMEs are actually taking full advantage of creating customer-stories that are relatable, relevant and genuine.

Given the upside of social shopping, what remains to be seen is how online business owners can gain maximum out of this trend. There’s a lot of good-will and a kind of trust amid consumers where they have the ease to shop and decline what they don’t like. It’s not that the door-to-door salesman has become redundant, it’s just the door is now open online and no one wants to close the door right away or shoo the e-salesman away!

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Sanika Deshpande
Sanika Deshpande

Sanika is an Entrepreneur & Marketer by Profession. She has worked with various startups companies and passionate about helping artisans, resellers and homentrepreneurs to grow manage and scale their business.

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