Social Store
Set your store on Sellezely, a fully integrated platform to showcase and sell your products on multiple social media stores such as facebook,instagram,twitter & pinterest to drive more sales.
Social Sales
Track and manage your social sales & orders. Add products,product descriptions & schedule classic product photos as posts on multiple social selling stores.
Business Payments
Receive your payment directly in your bank account within 48 hours through a free payment gateway without any setup hassle.
Business Insights
Get personalized business insights for your online social selling stores and techniques to target potential customers to gain higher ROI and grow your business effectively.
Social Store Sync
Auto-sync upload of your latest products on social media accounts
Social Sales Dashboard
Sales are need of our business to survive and grow. We think of daily and monthly sales targets to ensure that our company is achieving its revenue target. Social Sales dashboard will provide regular updates to evaluate our business performance to take the right action
Live Sales Notifications
Get notified of sales order or inquiry by your customer. This will help to reduce the chances of losing a sale
Coupon / Discount Code
Promotions and incentives play a key factor in driving customers toward a product and in boosting sales. Sellezely provides the opportunity of passing benefit to buyers with discounts, promotions and special offers with coupons
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